Early 2015 we started Appointments Group to combine our two specialisms: Finance and Human Resources search. 

Our focus is on International head offices, SME companies and start- and scale ups. Amongst our clients are leaders in retail, FMCG, private equity, IT and business services. We do not believe in massive, volume and transactional models, but in attention, sincerity, independence, specialism and drive. We are flexible, do not advertise, believe in our network power and are strong in direct and executive search. In doing so, we mainly do what lies close to ourselves. Being authentic we just try to be terribly good at what we do: actively finding the best Finance and HR candidates for our clients. 

We have a strong vision on our profession, where it matters and where it actually makes a difference. With an effective and logical search model combined with our conviction that the difference is in the details, we focus on the core of our profession: connecting personal and organizational goals.

Appointments Group is characterized by energy, enthusiasm, fast action, no-nonsense, fun and getting the best out of ourselves.

Sieto Engelmoer & Wouter van Hoeckel